Monday, December 26, 2016

When the president of Sony Music called George Michael a faggot. read below George came back with thie video George Michael - Outside

When the president of Sony Music called George Michael a faggot.  

No one seems to remember the incident between George Michael and the president of Sony Music America.

I do.

George Michael set up a meeting with Tommy Mottola, then the Sony U.S. president. Michael by then had sold over 80 million records worldwide, reaping huge profits for the company.

Michael was not happy with how his new album was being marketed. Suddenly, from behind closed doors, the Sony staff could hear Mottola shouting: "Get this FAGGOT out of my office!" 

George left.  Mattola's homophobia shocked him.

Homophobia is at the root of this story -- internalized by George and practiced by Mottola. I was shocked when a Sony employee told me about this incident

He went back to England.  Sued Columbia and spent six years without a release in the US

Finally David Geffen signed him to his new label DREAMWORKS after settling the lawsuit which give Dreamworks all rights in the US  for a new George Michael album. A hit. George Michael was back on thr charts in the US ,

Than the arrest in a public bathroom on Sunset Bloavard in Beverly Hills. happened. A public bathroom that had been the frequent target of police entrapment of gay men.  The arrest made headlines across the world.

Michael (finally) came out.

He made this video celebrating human sexuality and vamping on cops who criminalize adult consensual acts.

Not much has changed when it comes to the corporate music industry.  They're happy to see their artists remain closeted and make them money.  (Look at hip-hop; kudos to Frank Ocean.) America is the worst, with its dishonest Puritan policing of adult sexuality.

Very sad to learn of George's passing.  But he stood up for himself after he was very publicly outed. Yes, he could have come out earlier -- but Mottola's action gives one insight into why he did not. I wish Elton talked about this part of Michaels's life. He knew about it, but has far.


  1. Amazing video....I think he lived his life to his principals and that is all one can be judged against. All Jim says is sadly correct of course. Nothing changes. Shame prevails. History is being erased. Thank the Goddess Fouratt has a long memory.

  2. When big money is involved, big American money or world money, it either externalizes queerness—it's "them," not us; fetishizes it (again "them" not us), lampoons it to be "hip"; forces it into hiding; or marginalizes it so much that gay artists are terrified. The George Michael story is just another example of this. There are dozens. There are some small changes, but not enough. What's interesting is that the big money is now scared—as seen in the election of our dear Donald. It knows there are too many ways around it, no matter how hard it tries still to push us around.

  3. In reality homophobia by a small minded pencil pusher to say it nicely what precious time we had with George Michael and what works he could have created. We are left terribly short of George's talent. Maybe there would never be enough of George. George was ahead of the times with his music. An angels voice with a cheeky way of down to earth words. We who miss George will continue to miss him and another generation will discover George Michael. A pity laws didn't protect George from homophobia and the Papps in UK who worked for the main gossip papers. They never did interview him about the tapping/hacking of phones. This he said himself. May you rest in peace George Michael.